Apple Memory


Challenge yourself with this cute, fun, addictive, yet deceivingly difficult memory game suitable for all ages! Don't be fooled by the colorful illustrations; this fun and easy to play app requires your full attention! Unless you have a photographic memory, you are in for a big challenge!


During the thinking time, memorize the location of each pair of cards. After the timer winds down, listen carefully and touch the correct cards. Clear all of the cards to improve your score and advance to more challenging levels.


Compare your score to players all around the world! Think you've got a great score? Click the score button to see if you rank among the world's top players!


Challenge yourself at three different difficulty levels!

Easy - specifically designed for children and seniors.

Medium - great for anyone who wants to improve their short term memory.

Difficult - for those who are supremely confident in their memorization skills!


With the multiple difficulty levels, this is a game you can enjoy with your entire family. Watch kids and grandparents play on Easy, and then challenge yourself at Medium or Hard!

What are you waiting for? Download this app to see who has the best memory in your household.

All About Apple Memory!

To clear the first level all you have to is to memorize 8 cards, sounds simple right?

The cards are first shown face up and you get a short amount of time to remember where each pair lies. 

Once the thinking time is over, one of the pairs will be called out.  All you have to do is remember where it was.

In this case the player correctly identified where the pair of sheep cards was.

Clear all of the pairs on the screen to clear the level.

Be careful not to make a mistake, because if you do, you will lose one of your 5 lives.

As the levels progress, the number of cards increase and the thinking time gets shorter and shorter.

Could you remember this screen in less that 12 seconds? If you think you have what it takes to do so, download this app or if you want to try to improve your short term memory skills, this is a perfect tool for you!

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