Card Touch

This race-against-the-clock app, challenges your ability to focus under pressure.  Faced with up to 24 cards on the screen and only 30 seconds on the clock, would you be able to clear the stage before the time runs out? 

With three distinct game play levels easy, for novices, medium, for those who want a challenge, and hard, specifically designed for advanced players, this game requires focus and accuracy if you hope to get to the end of level of 5.  

Don't be fooled by how cute this app is, defeating the game on medium, or hard is an incredibly difficult task!

For those who are new to the English language, downloading Touch Hear! first is likely going to be a big help! 

To clear the first level all you have to do is find all of the cards before the timer runs out, sounds simple right?

The game begins with all of the cards shown face up.

The teacher will call out the words one-by-one and all you have to do is touch the corresponding card.

Be careful not to make a mistake because if you do, you will lose a life.

If you do not clear all of the cards before the timer runs out, the game will be over. 

At the end of the game you can register your score and see how you did on the global rankings table.*

*requires in-app purchase.

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